New ‘Green Lantern’ Footage Looks Not Terrible!

Attendees of WonderCon in San Francisco this past weekend got a sneak peek at some previously unreleased footage of the upcoming Green Lantern film. And you know what? It actually doesn’t look like it sucks quite as much as I initially thought it was going to! Who’d have thunk it? The footage has since made its way to the interwebs, so check it out here:

This is a welcome development in light of the previous trailer, which was, shall we say, disappointing. The last trailer made the whole thing look kind of goofy, which felt at odds with the great space epic Green Lantern usually is. Which is not to say a little comedy isn’t allowed– one of my favorite Green Lantern stories is actually an episode of Duck Dodgers that involves Daffy Duck becoming a Green Lantern when he accidentally picks up Hal Jordan’s laundry instead of his own– but playing against the tone of the original source material can be a tricky thing to pull off, and if it goes wrong, it goes really, REALLY wrong.

But that aside, what’s so interesting about this new trailer is that it focuses so much on the Green Lantern Corps, rather than simply on our intrepid hero, Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds). Big thumbs up to that, because really, the most interesting part of the Green Lantern mythology isn’t Hal Jordan. It’s the Green Lantern Corps itself and the Guardians of the Universe. The Guardians of the Universe, for those unfamiliar with the mythology, are the alien race whose only goal is to combat evil and create an orderly universe. They created the Lanterns and the rings which they then bequeathed to the galactic police force they called the Green Lantern Corps. One of the most dangerous weapons in the universe if used by the wrong hands, these rings allow their wearers extraordinary power and control over the physical world, as long as they have the strength and willpower to wield them. There are currently over 7,200 members serving among the 3,600 sectors of the universe. Because hey: the universe is a big place, and someone’s got to protect it, right?

In any event, this new trailer gives a much better idea of both what’s going on and what’s at stake, so I am now entertaining the possibility that it might not be so bad. I may eat my words again once it actually comes out, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. In the meantime, Geoffrey Rush just signed on to voice Green Lantern Corps member Tomar-Re, which is A-OK by me. Still not sure how I feel about the completely-CGI suit, though, but whatever.

What do you think, readers? Green Lantern: yea or nay?

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