Donald Glover is Currently Hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) Thread on Reddit

Donald Glover, whose career has skyrocketed thanks to his role on NBC’s Community, is currently holding a question-and-answer session on one of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything threads. (Don’t believe us? His Twitter corroborates it.) Here are some of the answers he’s given so far.

Tina Fey’s influence on his career: Tina Fey had probably the biggest influence on me other than my parents. She’s just not afraid. I loved watching her work cause she was so brave. I was really scared when I got to 30 Rock, she was like “I don’t give a fuck. Be you. If it’s funny, it’s in the script.” And watching 30 Rock, there’s so much Tina there that it made me see how I should start being me more too. Started putting out more music and started not being as afraid to be me. Tina is a true gangsta. She don’t give a FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK. I put her against any chick in the game.

EDIT: “Against ANYONE in the game.” She’d destory anything. If she started rapping, I’d quit. I don’t want that.

Whether he’ll be a “legitimate” rapper, and if he has as much sex as he raps about having: I guess the most detail I can go into with recounting my life would be, I’m having fun. I believe art is using shock and awe to give you a slice or microcosm of what life is. My albums are what life seems like to me:fair, unfair, whatever. I don’t want to be a “rap star”. I want people to be me for however long the album is when they listen to it. There are a lot of questions on the EP and Culdesac that you should be asking yourself/I ask myself. But….yeah.

“Does the bromance with Danny Pudi continue off-screen?” Danny Pudi is my heartbeat. That’s my dude. No one like him.

What’s coming up for the last few Community episodes this season: Paintball two is pretty fly…

If he’ll make his spec script for The Simpsons available for fans to read: people been asking that lately…I don’t even know where it is. Have to check…I don’t know. I might read it again and be like “this is lame”. Or “some of these jokes are still good! I can reuse them.” I’ll think about it…

His thoughts on the “caliber” of comedy on TV today: TV’s better than it’s ever been. It’s like Youtube though. There’s a ton of shit. You gotta wade through it and hang with people who like the stuff you like so you can find it.

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