Benjamin Walker… Revealed!

Benjamin Walker‘s rising to fame by playing U.S. presidents. The star of both the Off-Broadway and Broadway productions of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson was recently cast in the lead role of the flick Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (which we could not be more excited for, OMG). This 28-year-old heart throb’s gonna be a household name before you know it — so get ahead of the curve with these five facts you need to know about Benjamin.

1. He’s Southern born and Julliard bred. Benjamin grew up in Georgia and graduated from Julliard’s acting program in 2004. Best of both worlds, we say.

2. He’s been acting in films since 2004. At the age of 19 he was cast as a young Alfred Kinsey in the eponymous Kinsey. Benjamin also worked with Clint Eastwood in Flags of Our Fathers.

3. Benjamin’s about to become Hollywood royalty. In 2009 he became engaged to Mamie Gummer, an actress and the daughter of Meryl Streep. What shoes to fill!

4. He’s a stand-up comedian. Benjamin regularly performs at the prestigious Caroline’s in NYC and the kinda prestigious but also kinda creepy Comedy Store in LA. He’s written a show called “Find the Funny,” which he regularly puts on in New York.

5. He wore a sailor outfit at acting summer camp! Or at least he did according to an IMDB commenter who claims to have gone to the Interlochen Academy with Benjamin. Cute!

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