The Dos and Don’ts of Drama, with ‘Degrassi’: Taking the Stand

I’ve gotta say, I wasn’t expecting Fiona’s deposition against Bobby, her boyfriend who physically abused her last season, to be so fascinating. Fiona’s always been a flaky, spoiled rich girl, yet in “Chasing Pavements, Part 1″ we see her as a recovering addict who manages to keep a tight grip on her strength even as Bobby tries to paint her as her former self. Spoiler: She wins! But not without several interesting plotlines being set up for next week… Like when she tries to make out with Holly J!

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    • alabamabarbie

      1) why is this whole thing going down in civil court? basically, bobby will just pay compensatory damages to fiona, and the whole thing will probably be hidden behind a confidentiality agreement. i don’t really see that as bobby “paying for what he did.” a criminal case might be weak, but they should have at least tried.
      2) where the f is eli? all we get is a snippet in a preview for next week of him going batshit crazy, but he’s nowhere to be seen in this episode.

      • Natalie Zutter

        There’s only three episodes left apparently, so I assume next week is gonna wrap up the Fiona/Holly J mess, then the final two will be Eli/Clare drama. I just hope they’re exciting enough to merit a spot in the season finale!