Whipped Lightning Needs A Drink(ing Game)

It’s Friday (thank you, Rebecca Black), so naturally, this seemed like a perfect time for Team Crushable to break out the alcoholic whipped cream we currently have sitting around the office, courtesy of the good folk who make Whipped Lightning. Yes, you heard me: booze-laced whipped cream. Which actually does taste rather boozey, we were surprised to find. So, in honor of this strange new way to consume alcohol, we bring you Whipped Lightning: The Drinking Game!

Initial taste test: Take one squirt.
Wait, squirt sounds dirty. What about shot?: Take one shot.
Yeah, shot’s better. Let’s stick with shot: Take one more shot to cement the terminology.

Taste test a new flavor: Take one more shot, then compare it to the dregs of your previous shots.
Discover Whipped Lightning doesn’t need to be refrigerated: Take two shots.
Get wigged out by the fact that you are consuming a cream-based product that does not require the aid of a refrigerator to stay fresh: Take two more shots and try not to think about it.
Find a pint of ice cream in your freezer: Take one sundae topped with Whipped Lightning.
Discover wacky-sounding recipes involving Whipped Lightning: Find the most disgusting-sounding recipe you can. Knock it back. Don’t grimace.

College students use Whipped Lightning to get drunk off their asses: Take a shot for every frat boy in the room.
News casters are surprised by this fact: Take an additional shot for each news caster.

Someone reenacts the infamous whipped cream bikini scene from Varsity Blues with the aid of Whipped Lightning: Put a cherry on top and go to town.
Whipped Lightning becomes the next Four Loko: Take one can and drag yourself to the hospital.

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