The Wolfpack is Back: First Full-Length Trailer for ‘The Hangover Part II’

Despite the unexpected success of The Hangover in 2009, producers wondered if they would be able to capture lightning in a (liquor) bottle twice — after Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) had their ludicrous run through Vegas, what could they do to top their drunken adventures?

Answer: Take the plot, refine it a bit, and move it to Thailand. The night before Stu’s wedding to Sucker Punch/Real World star Jamie Chung, the boys agree to “one drink.” We all know that they end up having a lot more than that, but it isn’t until they wake up in the morning — Alan’s head shaved, Stu freshly tattooed, and with a monkey and Chung’s younger brother missing — that they can begin to piece together what happened.

It’s too bad that Justin Bartha, the missing groom from the first movie, seems to have a lesser part, especially since he proved his comedic chops back in 2004′s National Treasure. Also cameoing are Jeffrey Tambor, Liam Neeson, and Paul Giamatti (who’ll maybe smile for once!). But you know who I’m most excited to see? Ken Jeong, reprising the role of Mr. Chow! Of course, part of what made his character so hilarious in The Hangover was that he was entirely unexpected. Now that we see him acting as the boys’ guide through Bangkok, even driving the runaway car, will he be able to stay above the status of a plot gimmick?

The Hangover Part II comes to theaters May 26.

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    • I think this fits here

      I saw this quote yesterday in another blog comment, and it just sums up perfectly how I feel about this item:

      “This is the biggest thing since I Don’t Care took on Who Gives a Shit?”

      -author unknown

    • Vanessa Prat

      I think it looks pretty funny, but its too much like the same exact movie…