Poll: When Do You Think ‘Jersey Shore’ Should End?

Several Jersey Shore cast members are once again holding out for more money. According to TMZ, they are holding out for more money because they suspect the upcoming fourth season (which will have the cast traveling to Italy) could be their last. One source told TMZ that “the ‘Jersey’ stars in question realize the joyride might be coming to an end – and they want to milk MTV… while they still can.” MTV is also allegedly pissed at the stars for making so many personal appearances, because they want to limit the stars’ exposure. However, the stars make the appearances because each appearance can pay up to $40,000.

I never, ever, ever want Jersey Shore to end. I cried hysterically during the last scene of The Sopranos‘ series, and sobbed uncontrollably for hours after the Gilmore Girls series finale. I’m already anticipating the flood of tears that will most likely come with Steve Carell‘s last episode on The Office. Maybe this means I need to seriously get a life, but I hate change and I do not do well with endings or goodbyes. So, naturally, I hope Jersey Shore never ends, and we get to witness The Situation taking his kids to get their eyebrows waxed and witness Snooki’s children outgrowing her by age 7. How do you feel?

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    • Roberta Smith

      I love to watch Jersey Shore, but Ron & Sammy are getting sickening. Can’t she get it through her head – if they fight like that when they aren’t married, they will kill each other if they do get married. I just want to slap them both & tell them to go their separate ways.