The 6 Most Absurd Safe-Sex Ad Campaigns

A lot of safe-sex arguments are based on the idea of bad judgment, the assumption that teens doing it out of wedlock will bring on emotional turmoil and unplanned pregnancies, or that more experienced adults will get every disease in the book. But these print and video ads, despite their intent to promote protection of all kinds, are themselves examples of really bad judgment. They’re also hilarious. (Some are NSFW, so proceed with caution.)

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    • Megan

      That spider ad is going to give me nightmares for weeks.

    • kb


      Not really a conservative view. The point is that sex is not an accident (yes it may be in the moment), so always think and use protection.

    • Meagan

      This was great, except I disagree with the commentary on the MTV ad, as they are a current series of ads, and the entire point of putting absolutely ridiculous scenarios like these is to emphasize their tagline of “Sex is no accident: wear a condom”, not a “snowballing” sexual situation from a “conservative/religious stand point” if anything they’re making fun of those assumptions. I think it’s actually a pretty great campaign, the others in the series are just as ludicrous!

    • Vanessa Prat

      Nothing is gonna make you lose a boner like good ol’ Adolf

    • flowers