Facebook’s “Supermarket Scrabble” Group Unites Subversive Shoppers

Facebook: A place for our parents to be awkward, for us to stalk our crushes without their knowing, and now, for strangers to unite in the most childish of pranks. The Facebook group Supermarket Scrabble (2,450 members strong) invites its delinquents to go to their local supermarket, rearrange products so that they spell out dirty words, and upload the photographic evidence.

It seems that the goodnatured trickery started with the spice racks; there’s a handy alphabet-by-spices on the Info page, allowing for faster maneuvering. After all, speed is of the essence when you’re trying to spell out “clitoris” without getting caught by the supermarket staff.

However, more photos show that Scrabblers have graduated to blocking out words to make suggestive phrases, assaulting the mannequins, or even just highlighting suspiciously shaped vegetables.

Rumor has it they’re planning a big event for April Fools’ Day tomorrow…!

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