Snap This: Dad Makes Geeky Growth Chart for His Daughter

Measuring your height is a great childhood memory: Standing straight and tall against the wooden board, holding your hand over your head, marking the spot with a pen and then comparing it to where you were last month. And now, a geeky dad on Tumblr made a really fun version of this coming-of-age object.

You can see him posing next to the seven-foot-tall poster; the design itself is here. Geeky Dad, as he’s known on Tumblr, decided that since his daughter is turning one soon, she should be exposed to geek culture in a subtle but consistent way. Going from top to bottom, the height markers are Darth Vader, Spock, Dalek, Princess Leia, Frodo, R2-D2 (? — that one’s a guess, it’s hard to discern the silhouette), Yoda, and Tribbles.

Other geeky Tumblr users have been so charmed by the design that Geeky Dad has set up a PayPal account where they can make donations, if they desire, to his daughter’s college fund. And you might even be able to own a poster for yourself soon: Geeky Dad reports that he printed a version on rip-proof vinyl for $60, or users can print it piece-by-piece in PDF form.

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