Exclusive: Which ’16 and Pregnant’ Star Landed a Book Deal?

Many of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant alumnae are using social media to keep people in the loop about their lives post-show. But one of them has an important announcement to make.

After her heartbreaking episode of 16 and Pregnant (in which she struggled for some time before ultimately letting her aunt and uncle adopt baby Callie), Ashley Salazar changed her personal blog setting to private. However, she has recently opened it back up to the public. Why? Because she has an announcement to make. She hasn’t actually made the announcement, but she wants you to know that she has one. I personally hope this means that MTV has taken my advice and hired Ashley to replace Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2, but I guess we’ll see. Here’s the post:

As for the announcement? I’m going to guess that it’s about Ashley landing a book deal. Amazon already has a page for 16 and Pregnant: Ashley Salazar, which is being published by MTV Books on September 13, 2011. It’s being shelved in movie/TV and not young adult, so clearly MTV views the book as more of a TV show tie-in than a book directed at young people. That makes sense, since it’s not only teens who watch 16 and Pregnant (ahem).

You know aspiring author Maci Bookout must be pissed right now.

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