Connor Cruise… Revealed!

After posting that Hot Shot of the newly adorable Connor Cruise, we decided to do a little more research on the up-and-coming actor. What did we find out? Here are 5 things you need to know about the 16-year-old Connor Anthony Kidman Cruise:

1. He’s a DJ! He’s taking a shine to the turntable life and showed off his skills at an LA fashion show last week. Jealous of the Smith kids, perhaps?

2. Speaking of the Smiths, Connor made his big screen debut in 2008′s Seven Pounds, which starred Will Smith. Connor played a younger version of Will.

3. Connor’s teaming up with cuties Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson for the Red Dawn remake that’s coming out this year. He’s playing the character of Daryl which was originated by Darren Dalton in the 1984 version.

4. Is he Michael Jackson‘s biological son? Well, nope, but a crazy woman named Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise claimed that she was Connor’s biological mother and Michael his father. Weird!

5. His first crush was totally on Miley Cyrus, aww. Connor visited the set of Hannah Montana two years ago and found himself smitten with Miley. In return, Miley called him “cute.”

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