The 15 Best Instances of Enforced Method Acting

10. Orlando Bloom wasn’t told that his onscreen love interest Keira Knightley would kiss Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest — so you can bet that when she did, his surprise was real.

9. When James Van Der Beek appeared as a killer on Criminal Minds, he had to grab Matthew Gray Gubler and threaten him. But even though the threats themselves weren’t that scary, the episode’s director had Van Der Beek do a bunch of shots where he screamed obscenities, to get the appropriate reaction shots from Gubler.

8. Drew Barrymore‘s opening scene in Scream is legendary, but part of the reason she was filled with such convincing fear was that Wes Craven threatened to kill her dog before shooting the scene.

7. Jim Caviezel took his role as Jesus in The Passion of the Christ very seriously: When carrying the cross through the streets, he actually dislocated his shoulder. Caviezel insisted that that moment make it into the final cut.

6. For the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies, the director told Pierce Brosnan and Lucy Liu separately that each would be riding the bike in a getaway scene, leading to their characters fighting over who should take the front seat.

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    • Lucia Peters

      Alfred Hitchcock once told child actor Bill Mumy (Will Robinson from Lost in Space) that he’d nail his feet to the floor if he didn’t stay still. He stayed still, and he was appropriately terrified. Everybody wins!

    • Frederick Rubin

      Stanley Kubrick directing Shelley Duvall in The Shining.

    • Alex Proff

      Lucy Liu wasn’t in “Tomorrow Never Dies”, the actress was Michelle Yeoh.

    • Araf Karsh