Exclusive: ‘Sweet Valley Confidential’ Video and Giveaway

The Sweet Valley High series is finally back! Ten years later, twins Elizabeth Wakefield and Jessica Wakefield are adults with new stories to tell – and plenty of people from their past to tell it with.

The new book Sweet Valley Confidential comes out tomorrow, March 29, and we’ll find out what happened to Elizabeth and Jessica after the original series ended. You can go here to buy the book, read an interview with author Francine Pascal, and more.

We have a special giveaway just for Crushable readers – we have 25 SVC T-shirts (pictured) to give away! Just leave a comment on this post telling us why you’re excited Sweet Valley is back, and we’ll select winners at the end of the week. Winners must be in the United States or Canada.

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    • Kamesa Carter

      I have been a SVH fan since the series began in 1983! I have been waiting for this since 2003 when the series ended. I cannot wait to see what the Sweet Valley gang has been up to and am excited to see what their lives are like now that they are adults. SVH was one of the reasons why I’m writing my own book now. I work 3rd shift and first shift better be on time tomorrow morning because I have to be at the bookstore to purchase my copy!

    • Jessica Tucker

      Are you kidding? I’m 28 and I still read the Sweet Valley books. It’s silly I know but I’m excited that I’ll be able to pass down my Sweet Valley collection to my daughter one day. I know I and so many other people feel like they’ve personally grown up with the twins through their childhood and now we get to take them with us as adults. It’s been too long since there were new stories to read about in Sweet Valley and I cannot wait to catch up on the last 10 years. In fact, I already preordered Sweet Valley Confidential and paid extra for release day shipping arrival! I even have a babysitter so once the book arrives tomorrow, I’m holing up in the bedroom to read about the fabulous wakefield twins. When the Sweet Valley High movie comes out I’ll be first in line for that too. SWEET VALLEY CONFIDENTIAL!!! Can’t Wait!!!

    • Gail

      My daughter and her best friend have been fans of the series since they were small. I had to tell them to “turn off the flashlights and go to bed” at more than one sleepover. :) I guess in “real years” the two young ladies are just about the same age as Elizabeth and Jessica. It was sweet to see their Facebook posts when they discovered the Ms. Pascal has written a new book. :)

    • Sarah

      I am very excited to see what the Wakefield girls are up to! I read them all the time as a kid. Looking forward to getting to know them again as grownups!

    • Kaylin

      I still have my collection and can’t wait to share this with my daughter(s) one day. I was beyond thrilled to know there was going to be a new book. I grew up with the wakefields and now I get to see where their lives are going. It’s like touching base with old friends *:o)

    • eliza

      I’m excited to pretend that I’m a teenager again! (Instead of being able to be the mother of one!)

    • Kitisha

      I loved Sweet Valley ever since I read Sweet Valley. I’m only 16 years old but I always found the books in a second hand store. I have a large collection of the books. I was in a coma on March 3rd 2009. I had a stroke, blood cots, Vesculitis and Hemorrhage in the brains and a pseudotumor. I also lost vision in my right eye. I was always in love with the books. My favourite characters was Elizabeth. I grew up on those books even though i was too young at the time to read time, I started reading them really young. I think I’m prob. the youngest one here who read then.

    • Vivian

      I was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Yes, even in Kenya we had Sweet Valley! I was always an avid reader and first read “Sweet Valley Kids.” I then moved on to “Sweet Valley Twins,” “Sweet Valley High” and SVU!!! I also read the “Elizabeth” series which followed Elizabeth when she fled to London.

      I loved the series a lot and always fantasized about what California was like. Little did I know, that several years after I read the book I would be attending college in Southern California!

      I am so excited to follow up on this series. And I am a big time SV fan.

    • colleen

      Wow first New kids on the Block came back with a comeback tour and NOW Sweet Vally is back?? I am reliving my childhood favs and loving it! :O)

    • Katy

      I can’t wait to read this book! I followed the Wakefield twins through Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High & Sweet Valley University – Can’t Wait!!! :)

    • Lauren

      I’m SO excited for this book to come out, because I grew up with Jessica and Elizabeth. I read every book – Twins, High, Kids, University – I even read the Unicorn Club books, which came out when I was WAY past the target audience age. They were like friends to me; and I was reading SVH at a time when I was around the same age, and going through the same things. I’m 25 now, and totally stoked to experience adulthood – twin years later – with Sweet Valley. I feel like I’m about to catch up with an old friend for the first time in 10 years!

    • Nic

      My sister and I were 11 and 10 when we started reading Sweet Valley. She was obviously Jessica and I was Elizabeth – we were always so close (like twins) but completely different! One thing we’ve shared through the years is our love of books and we kept reading all the Sweet Valley series’ even though we were “way too old” to be reading about the shenanigans of high school girls.

      But Liz, Jess and the gang are unforgettable. Part of our childhood/teen years and I cannot wait to see what they’ve been up to since we last saw them!

    • Bryn

      I’m excited that Sweet Valley is back because I was getting tired of re-reading my Fear Street books. Also, I always fancied myself to be more of an Enid- type of gal, and I’d love to see what that fabulous wallflower has been up to.

    • cchu320

      I am so crazy excited about Sweet Valley Confidential coming out cos I grew up reading ‘em and want to know what happened to ‘em the since the last 10 years! Reading SV books, esp. SVH-I never missed one!-helped me become a more avid reader. Although I’ve since broaden my horzons, I’ve still enjoy re-reading SVH novels. All those problems those kids have in SVH I can relate to prior to the mini-series.