Lindsay Lohan Drops Last Name

Lindsay Lohan seems to have mixed up “icon” with “trainwreck”, as she’s following both Madonna and Prince in dropping her surname and going just by Lindsay. Mom Dina tells PopEater that after the Superbowl ad with the babies talking about “that milkaholic Lindsay”, her daughter realized how recognizable she had become and decided to part ways with her alliterative last name.

In addition, Dina and Lindsay’s sister Ali are changing their last names back to Dina’s maiden name, Sullivan. According to a family friend, they want to start over — though does it really count as starting over if you’re known by your antics under your previous name? Furthermore, the Sullivan ladies want nothing to do with Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s estranged dad. He hasn’t given any official reaction to the news yet, though a tweet yesterday showed that even he seemed to be tiring of the media circus that he’s helped to create around his family:

Interestingly, he did tweet this 12 hours ago, though it’s hard to tell if it’s genuine or sarcastic, and there was no sign that Lindsay had written him:

You’ll next see “Lindsay” on the big screen when she spoofs herself alongside Ari “The Amazing Racist” Shaffir and former ShamWow spokesman Vince Offer, in Underground Comedy.

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