The Best Character In the ‘Kennedys’ Miniseries Trailer Is Katie Holmes’ Awful Accent

The much-buzzed-about Kennedys miniseries starring Katie Holmes, Barry Pepper, and Greg Kinnear will finally make it to TV. However, it’ll be airing on something called ReelzChannel, which means no one will watch it. The miniseries was apparently too controversial for Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver, who allegedly got it pulled from its intended airing on the History Channel. But this trailer doesn’t focus on any of the controversial parts – unless you count Katie’s terrible Jackie O impression.

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    • Eileen

      Katie Holmes has always been a terrible actress, but I have to admit she LOOKS surprisingly like Jacqueline Kennedy.

      And I enjoy any movie that makes the Kennedys look like an evil royal dynasty (It’s “The Godfather” for the Irish!), but I unfortunately I don’t have cable.