Model/Blogger Xiaxue Calls Out Peter Coffin on His Fake Girlfriend Kimi Kobayashi

Sometimes the Internet is like a multimedia soap opera, and for that I love it. Xiaxue, a Singaporean blogger and model, posted this account to her blog yesterday (via BuzzFeed), in which she gets the final word against YouTube comedian Peter Coffin, with whom she had been butting heads for the last few months. Xiaxue has admitted more than once that she considers herself ugly, which is why she Photoshops the self-portraits she posts to her blog, and has gotten plastic surgery. Coffin doesn’t agree with her choices, and frequently challenges her over Twitter. (For what it’s worth, I don’t agree with plastic surgery either, but there’s a difference between trying to help someone and insulting them behind the veil of the Internet.)

The straw that broke the camel’s nose — er, back — came in early March, when Coffin called out Xiaxue for getting a nose job. When she asked why he felt the need to insult her, he responded that her self-revision was as bad as telling people that they would never be good enough unless they were rich and beautiful. After Xiaxue blocked him, a young (beautiful, we might add) woman named Kimi Kobayashi started laying into Xiaxue over Twitter.

Now, Kimi you may have heard of: Funny Or Die reblogged several of her tweets on its Tumblr, and she had (operative word, had) 17,000 Twitter followers. She’s also apparently Coffin’s girlfriend. After Xiaxue sent her a nasty tweet, Kimi suddenly deleted her Twitter. Xiaxue went back to Coffin’s account, where he explained that Kimi simply felt too much pressure to be a Twitter comedian, but that their relationship was still strong.

As if this weren’t suspicious enough, Xiaxue did a bunch of digging (detailed here, it’s worth the read) and discovered many strange aspects to this:

  • Kimi’s tweets were all crude jokes, with no personal details about her life or beauty regimen.
  • There were no photos of her and Coffin together.
  • Xiaxue noticed that in the background of the photos where Kimi was supposedly in Japan, were Korean characters.

Xiaxue’s readers did some image searching, and came up with this shocking realization: The woman in the photos is not Kimi Kobayashi at all. She’s Lee Na-young, an ullzzang — “best face,” used to describe beautiful women in Korea — and a film and TV star. So, Coffin (or if we want to be nice, someone) used Lee’s photos to make up this entire persona. And by persona, I mean Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube account… all of these ways that she’s made her mark on the Internet. We had even heard of her before this story and found it mind-boggling that it could all be a hoax.

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    • Chelsea

      I think you were trying to call Lee Na-Young by her last name, which would be Lee, not Young. Young is part of her first name.

      • Natalie Zutter

        Ahh, thanks for catching that, Chelsea!

    • elaine12qw

      nice post