Brad Womack’s Twitter Feed Is Straight-Up Damage Control

The Bachelor Brad Womack has just joined Twitter. Instead of wasting time with boring tweets about what he had for breakfast, Brad has dived right into the fray by tweeting all about his relationship.

His user pic is a cartoon donkey holding a rose. Is that a sign that Brad is stubborn? That he knows the show is a huge joke? Or is the donkey supposed to be Emily? I don’t know. It’s confusing. Also, his bio is “cheesy reality guy, bar owner, lover of Em & Ricki.” [Emily would be fiancee Emily Maynard and Ricki would be her daughter.]

His second Tweet was “Btw Em and I are better than ever. In fact maybe we should take editor of OK mag out for a drink. I’m buying. :)” That’s probably a response to the OK! story claiming he and final rose winner Emily have already split up. Almost every tweet is either about Emily or a response to a Twitter hater who dares to challenge the authenticity of their relationship. We get it, dude. You know, the more somebody has to brag about their relationship, the more we start to doubt them. Or, as a wise Southern lady once told me, guilty dogs always bark.

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