Singer Nick Pitera Wows with “One Man Disney Movie” Video

Voice actors, beware: YouTube sensation Nick Pitera will put you out of a job. A computer animation major who can stretch his vocal chords to unbelievable limits, Pitera first got noticed around 2007, when his cover of “A Whole New World” from Aladdin — with him singing Aladdin and Jasmine — circulated on blogs and Facebook pages. It now has over 22 million views. Pitera released an EP in October 2010, with five covers including “World”, “Teenage Dream”, and “Bleeding Love.”

So yes, it’s incredible enough that he managed to sing the male and female parts of a song simultaneously, but now he’s topped himself with the video “One Man Disney Movie.” Pitera plays Heroine, Sidekick, Hero, Villain, and Chorus in a medley of Disney songs that, as he promises, basically makes up the plot of a typical Disney flick. You’ll hear Belle, Scar, Hercules, and many others.

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    • curlysarah29

      This was pretty incredible! I had to click on a different screen to fully appreciate the “female” verses because when I watched him sing them, it sort of weirded me out. :)