‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Charged $700 to Her Mom Barbara’s Credit Card

Last week on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans stole two of her mom Barbara Evans‘ credit cards so that she and her boyfriend Kieffer Delp could have money for their road trip to New Jersey. Barbara was, unsurprisingly, really pissed. However, this bonus clip from MTV shines more light on exactly what went down – and manages to make Jenelle look even worse. Jenelle claims that she only used the cards for gas and food, but she somehow spent $700 in two days. I know fuel prices have gone up, but I do not think it’s that expensive. Barbara showed Jenelle credit card statements showing that Jenelle took out cash advances. I’d bet good money that Jenelle used the cash for drugs. This video makes me detest her even more than I already did, and I didn’t think that was possible.

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    • BirthControlWorks!

      What a snot! I literally felt like jumping through my computer screen and yanking Jenelle’s hair. She treats her mom like ish. Makes me wonder if she is the MTV version of Casey Anthony. I’m glad Barbara has baby Jace — or else, he’d probably end up like poor Caylee.

    • chad

      she is trash her mom is trash……who do u think raised her?

    • anastasia

      not ssssshhhhuuuuttttt uuuuuupppp