Crushable Quotable: ‘Bachelor’ Producer Confirms the Show Will Always Be About White People

Last week after the dull finale to the second Brad Womack season of The Bachelor, I suggested a couple of ways to improve the show. Among them: get a Bachelor or Bachelorette of color. However, show creator/producer Mike Fleiss said in a recent interview that he intends to keep the show full of white people. Fleiss told Entertainment Weekly, “We always want to cast for ethnic diversity. It’s just that for whatever reason, they [non-white people?] don’t come forward. I wish they would.” Considering that the cast is a veritable incest festival where the only way to “come forward” is to get cast as a contestant in a previous season of the show, that sure sounds disingenuous to me. Fleiss later has the nerve to mention that upcoming Bachelorette Ashley Hebert is one-sixteenth Native American, although he admits “I cannot confirm, but that is my suspicion.” What next? Is he going to claim that he has black friends?

The Los Angeles Times digs a little deeper, quoting an off-the-record source who says that the network is fine with having minorities represented on other hit shows like Dancing with the Stars, but says that ABC has resisted having a Bachelor or Bachelorette of color because they’re afraid of possible backlash to an interracial couple. In other words, it’s fine for people of different races to dance together, but they’d better not make out.

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    • Meghan Keane

      I cannot confirm, but it is my suspicion that Mike Fleiss is at least 1/16th pure douche.