Won’t the Real Rebecca Black Please Stand Up?

It seemed too good to be true, yet was also perfectly believable, that less than a week after her song “Friday” took over the interwebs, teen viral star Rebecca Black was on Twitter to provide us with even more entertainment in the form of fan outreach and news on her next move. But now the account, @_RebeccaBlack_, has been debunked… by another user claiming to be the real Rebecca Black!

@MsRebeccaBlack only got an account (still unverified) on March 18 and has less than half of the followers of her online predecessor, but she backs up the identity claim with photos like the one you see above.

Black’s gotten some backlash from fans for outing the fake profile, but she defends herself by saying that “I was just trying to protect myself. Some of the impersonators have said some pretty harsh stuff to make me look bad.” The response from @_RebeccaBlack_: “nah, you’re just a bitch.” Ouch! You know which young celebrity does seem to have caught the Black Plague? Nicole Richie, who tweeted:

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