“Historically Hardcore” Posters Compare 50 Cent, Bret Michaels to Famous Figures

Last week I posted some tweets from Columbia College Chicago’s Twitter page, where whoever was in charge of outreach used pop culture references to attract applicants to the school. The trend seems to be catching: “Historically Hardcore“, a series of posters by art director Jenny Burrows and copywriter Matt Kappler, unites the accomplished men from your high-school history books with male celebrities found on reality TV and Twitter.

The original posters featured the logo for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, but Burrows explained that she had included that for fun and that the posters were just for and Kappler’s portfolios. She’s since replaced the logo with “Museums”, which is by her admission “a bit less bad-ass”, but still makes for a hilarious juxtaposition.

We always knew, deep down, that Teddy Roosevelt was tougher than 50 Cent. And it’s always amusing to see Bret Michaels get the smackdown, especially from his pillaging (possible) progenitor.

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