More Pics of ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ Star Elsa Patton Before and After Plastic Surgery

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    • saddened

      wow – she was quite beautiful – now she looks like a piece of raw dough was kneaded on her face and left there.

    • bagladey

      Wow, she really messed herself up because she looks like a disfigured freak now.

    • crushable fan

      What happened to this lady?????? She was so very beautiful and now I don’t wanna be cruel or crude but,was she in an accident of some kind. Did some horrible plastic surgeon do this to her? I cannot believe that this was done over time by her own free will.Again I’m very sorry I do not mean to be cruel but, I found it so disturbing I just couldn’t watch!

      • dan

        i agree this is hard to believe

    • Vanessa Prat

      I don’t get how people can become so addicted to plastic surgery…you either look terrible or you look like everyone else with that weird surprised look. Uniqueness is beautiful, look at Angelica Houston.

    • in new orleans

      She is phenomenal!

    • Enid

      I really don’t understand what was wrong with Elsa. Maybe she has a low self esteem, which doesn’t appear to be the case, but only she knows. She was such an incredibly BEAUTIFUL woman. Why, in Gods name, would she do that to herself. She had that real latin beauty. And to Marysol, “you are truly a beautiful woman. I hope and pray that you don’t adapt your mothers surgery habits. I am a woman and I do believe in plastic surgery. A little nip and tuck to make you feel and look better when the time arises is okay. But to intentionally disfigure your face in such a way, especially when you were already beautiful is just …….

      • Jonathan Bailey

        God did it to her…. I told him to do it..

    • Just1opinion

      Whoa!!! I wonder what she saw when she looked in the mirror prior to surgery. What was the surgeon thinking? Was he drinking during surgery? Her face is so swollen and huge it’s like she’s wearing a mask. It’s like she has play-do on her face. Somewhere the surgeon had to have seen that her face was looking abnormal. I feel so bad for her especially after seeing her before photos. When I see her I am fascinated I can’t look away. Why does she always seem drink or on drugs. She can’t talk is it because her face can’t move. Her daughter resembles her mom and not in a good way.