Andy Cohen Hints That ‘Real Housewives of DC’ Might Be Back – Minus Michaele Salahi

Although Real Housewives of DC was the franchise’s least successful season yet, Bravo exec Andy Cohen hints that they might bring it back for another round. On Regis and Kelly last week, Cohen admitted that Bravo was “in negotiations” to bring Real Housewives of DC back to the air, but there was one snafu: the network wanted controversial Housewife/White House party crasher/compulsive liar Michaele Salahi to come back, but the other four housewives banded together and refused to work with her. Mary Schmidt Amons, Cat Ommaney, Lynda Erkiletian, and Stacie Scott Turner reportedly tried to negotiate as a group, just as the Real Housewives of New Jersey did when they wanted troublesome Danielle Staub booted from the show.

While Michaele Salahi and her omnipresent husband Tareq Salahi were unpopular with other cast members, they were the only members of the otherwise-lackluster DC cast to get press attention. In addition to the White House party crashing incident, they were quickly exposed as frauds and grifters, lying about everything from owning a winery to having MS (Michaele). Recently, Michaele was booted from Celebrity Rehab when it was revealed she didn’t actually have an addiction to anything.

Despite the fact that DC was a poorly-received season of the Bravo franchise, I’m not opposed to bringing it back. Orange County has lost steam, and New York has been running on fumes for some time now. DC still has potential (Cat’s divorce and citizenship issues have a lot of storyline potential, and Stacie’s discovery of her long-lost Nigerian father and his family were my favorite plot of the season), but it will require some retooling. I won’t miss Michaele – like Danielle, she sucked up all the available air and went from “love to hate” to simply “hate,” making the whole show less enjoyable  in the process. But they’ll need to replace her with someone willing to be a little more open on camera – the opposite of Mary, who, while interesting, is media-savvy enough to keep most of her business offscreen. That’s fine for a regular person, but a Housewife needs a little bit of bite to keep from getting the Lisa Hartwell Wu treatment. And considering Cohen’s announcement that the show won’t be adding any additional cities, DC is the one city in the franchise that still feels like a blank slate.

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    • Robyn

      I am a huge housewives fan and the only wife I did like from DC was Michaele.
      The Salahis at least made the show interesting without them it would have been really boring .

      • Rio

        Robyn is a dead ringer for them. A shoo fly. No doubt people tuned in to see what lies they would tell next and what crimes they would continue to commit. Would love to see Missy do Redskin cheers agin.

    • lisa maggie

      I really liked the DC season – The Sahali debacle just got to be tiresome, and uninteresting. I liked following Staci’s s search for ther birth father, Cat’s life and seriously how much did THAT change since the finale (???!) , Mary and her husband who I always thought were fun, and Lynda and Ebong. I love the couples and their dynamics.

      • lisa maggie

        Spelled Salahi wrong in my prior post! Wonder why! lolololol

    • Lizzie

      Glad to hear it will be without the Salahis. Don’t need fake drama from fake people who spent their entire time on the show trying to deceive people. They cause too much harm via running up charges then skiping out on the bills.

    • Patti

      NO to Salahis !!!!!!!! DREADFUL people…..

    • BravoHo

      I’d like another order of Housewives of DC but hold the Salami and it will do well. Think a good addition is McCain’s daughter will bring in the young demographic and can have her hanging with Lolly and Lynda’s young adult children.

    • Emily

      Would love to see a seconds season, but please, without the “Crashers”. What could they be on for. The winery is bankrupty and contents soon to be sold. The polo event not likely to take place this year, since sponsors keep bailing and don’t want anything to do with Salahis. Would like to see “Real” housewives, not pretend ones.

    • Robert

      Why would Bravo agree to bring back Salahis. They’ve spent their time since the last show, bashing Bravo on other programs. Caused more problems with yet another network.

    • mickey baldanzi

      I will watch RHODC only if the salahi’s are not on it. Hateful creatures that they are.

    • dan

      I loved the show, and want to see it return to Bravo network minus the Salahi’s. However, the Salahi are so full of s**t they need their own reality show.

    • madcap

      the DC housewives were a bore. ALL of them. Cat has claimed the show ruined her life, why would she even consider doing another season? Plus, the whole series is SO 2009. Over it. Done. Move on to the next spectacle.