The Duggars Aren’t Discussing Their Focus on the Family Trip

Although sources close to the Duggar family, best known for their huge family and their 19 Kids and Counting reality show on TLC, claimed that the Duggars would be appearing at a Focus on the Family event today, the Duggars themselves are keeping mum. In an interview with, Michelle Duggar and Jim-Bob Duggar talked about the news that their son Josh Duggar and daughter-in-law Anna Duggar are expecting a baby boy. At the end of the interview, the interviewer asked Michelle and Jim Bob what they had coming up next. Jim Bob replied, “We’re off to Colorado tomorrow,” at which point their publicist interjected, telling Jim Bob “you can’t say why.”

Why wouldn’t Jim Bob Duggar be allowed to mention the reason for his family taking a trip to Colorado? It could be because, as family friend Chris Jeub announced on his blog, TLC’s cameras would be there to tape the event. TLC might not want Jim Bob giving out spoilers about the show, although 19 Kids and Counting certainly isn’t under a shroud of secrecy about storylines in the way that, say, Fringe is. There could be security concerns – possibly Focus On the Family doesn’t want random Duggar fans showing up unannounced at their event, although I can’t imagine they don’t have their own safety precautions in place for when “celebrities” come to visit. But considering that Focus On the Family issued a press release about the Duggars’ talk, I doubt they consider it a secret.

Another reason the Duggars might not want to talk about their Colorado trip? As I’ve noted before, the Duggars only discuss religion on their show in the vaguest of terms. They have publicly claimed not to be part of the evangelical-right Quiverfull movement despite the fact that they were associated with it for years before their reality show. Though TLC’s cameras might be accompanying the Duggars to Colorado Springs, it’s entirely possible that the episode about the trip will focus more on cutesy stuff like packing for 20-odd people and dealing with logistics instead of the meat and potatoes of the conference or the Duggars’ speech there. A previous episode where the family visited Washington, DC showed Rep. Michele Bachmann in the background of a scene but did not identify her by name or mention why the Duggars were visiting her. It wouldn’t be the first time that TLC or the Duggars kept their controversial religious beliefs under wraps for the sake of good PR.

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    • cjc

      I’m not sure what show you’re watching, but on the Duggar’s show–and in their book–they are very open about their religious beliefs. They are also open about why they dress the way they do, why they don’t watch much tv, their political views, etc. I find your insinuation of some secret weird cultish life kind of annoying. They’re Christians. Why is it so hard to believe that some people are who they say they are?

    • DubbleBubble

      The Duggars don’t hide anything. Their parenting skills result in their wonderfully behaved and respectful children. They pay their taxes, including school tax, and don’t ask anyone for anything… neither a borrower nor a lender be. They are excellent examples to which more people should aspire to be.