Video: Meet Jesse Heiman, the Extra Who Has Been in Every Movie

Remember Ricky Gervais‘ 2005 series Extras? It was the painfully funny tale of an actor who doggedly paid his dues, always aspiring to break into Hollywood but perpetually falling short. It looks like Gervais has a counterpart in Jesse Heiman, a 33-year-old actor who has appeared in seemingly every movie and TV show. Many of his roles, starting with 2001′s American Pie 2, have been vague — Beer Bong Student, Monopoly Game Piece Thief, Winking Comic Book Nerd — and/or uncredited, but someone has slavishly updated his IMDb page with every appearance. There’s also this great video picking him out of the crowd in Glee, The Social Network, and Arrested Development. (The fact that it’s set to “Lux Aeterna” from Requiem for a Dream makes it all the more epic.) Considering the breadth of his Hollywood career, I think you can assume that he’s havin’ a laugh.

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