‘Jersey Shore’ Guidocabulary: Crossing the Line of Intention

This week’s MVP isn’t MVP – it’s Dan, the owner of the Shore Store. It looks like the season is coming to a close, because all the housemates are finishing up their jobs at the Store in spectacularly lame fashion. Dan is probably printing money from the publicity of being associated with Jersey Shore and having the kids in the shop – even if they’re useless and pretending to be locked in the bathroom – is the best publicity he could ask for. Dan gets more airtime this week than he has the entire rest of the season put together, and even though he is stuck playing the straight man I’d watch twelve hours of him before I’d watch a second of Sammi and Ronnie’s drama version 72.0.

Getting honorable mentions in the supporting cast department this week are the older woman at the club, crazy Danielle, the voice of Ronnie’s drunk mother, and – as always – the duck phone.

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