In an Alternate Universe, Alexa Nikolas Could Have Leaked Vanessa Hudgens’ Nude Photos

By now, it seems clear that members of an Internet hacking ring were responsible for leaking Vanessa Hudgens‘ nude photos, in which she and Zoey 101 star Alexa Nikolas posed in their underwear and made out. Hudgens has since brought the FBI into the investigation, and they’ve determined that up to 50 female celebrities were targeted.

However, before that news broke, The Superficial circulated an e-mail the site had received, claiming that Nikolas was the one leaking the photos. The anonymous tipster claimed that the photos came from a Flickr account run by Nikolas and Kayslee Collins (the blonde in the photo), an actress who had appeared as an extra on Zoey 101 and iCarly. The story might as well be one of our Crushable Fan Fictions for all the truth there is to it; even so, it’s buffeted by the universal notions of teenage insecurity and girl-on-girl bullying:

In 2006, Kayslee and Alexa were close friends of Vanessa, but they later drifted apart due to Vanessa’s work commitments (The High School Musical movies). Vanessa was especially fond of Alexa, even inviting her to star in her debut music video, to make up for the fact that she had been too busy to spend time with her.

Later that year, Alexa suggested that Vanessa take some racy pictures to keep her boyfriend interested. Vanessa agreed and privately took some naked photos of herself. Kayslee then took photos of Vanessa and Alexa kissing. Alexa and Kayslee took no nude photos of themselves.

Vanessa took more nude photos that year and the next, but she was careful and deleted the pictures from her mobile phone. Vanessa uploaded her pictures to her email account and sent them to her boyfriend, like Alexa had suggested. On one of these occasions, she did this while she was at Alexa’s house. Alexa downloaded the pictures onto her computer when Vanessa accidentally left her email account logged in.

For what it’s worth, that does look like Nikolas in Baby V’s “Come Back to Me” video, though her face is obscured by a pageboy cap:

The tipster claims to be “a young person in the entertainment industry” and a former buddy of Nikolas and Collins. She goes on to say that the girls have had naked photos of Hudgens since 2007 and have been releasing them to coincide with each of her movies, out of jealousy that her career has easily outgrown theirs. Nikolas is so careful to cover their tracks, the person alleges, that she took nude photos of herself in order to make it look like someone had raided her computer as well.

Or maybe Nikolas is one of these sneaky hackers! That would make a great story: Nickelodeon starlet has secret double life exposing the most intimate photos of her peers and superiors. No is safe!

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