The Duggar Family Is Taping an Episode at Focus on the Family

The Duggar family, who star in TLC’s series 19 Kids and Counting, keep a close hand on the editing of their show. Although they do talk abstractly about their religion, they steer clear of delving into specifics. They have long been accused of being part of the Quiverfull movement, an evangelical strain who believes in actively trying to have as many children as possible in order to create an army for Jesus. Though they’ve publicly denied their affiliation with Quiverfull, they have quietly (and off-camera) attended events associated with the movement. They’ve never attended church services on camera (possibly because their church is in their basement), but they have done things like take a trip to the Creationism Museum.

Now, fellow large-family-haver Chris Jeub (whose family appeared in an episode of TLC’s now-cancelled series Kids By the Dozen) has announced on his blog that the Duggars will be attending a Focus On the Family event this weekend in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Focus On the Family is a conservative Christian organization who aims to strengthen the family. Although the Duggars have attended such politically-tinged events in the past, this one will actually make it on the show, as Jeub says the TLC cameras will accompany the family. Focus on the Family’s press release about the event says that Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar will be signing copies of their book.

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    • Jeremiah

      Their smiles are as fake as their religion. They look just like an idyllic illustrated image on the cover of the Watchtower. Fake!

    • Justa Lurker

      I’ll chip in for some forced sterilizaton.