Kevin Smith Trades ‘Red State’ Screening Tickets for Fans’ Artwork

Another great example of Twitter encouraging fan engagement: Lately Kevin Smith has been negotiating with fans who can’t afford tickets to his Red State screenings ($75 at their cheapest, albeit with a Q&A afterwards), by bartering tickets for logos and other artwork. And why not? Smith is self-promoting the film, with sponsors financing his cross-country trip to show screenings. Considering that the film is still waiting on a distributor (but getting very close), it makes sense not to put money into promotional material yet. These art swaps started, it seems, with a March 11 tweet from an artist named @JohnAllenMusic, who created some opening tracks for Smith’s latest podcast:

Then more enterprising fans caught on to the opportunity:

It’s an impressive arrangement, as fans can (in some small way) present themselves as creators and get to interact with the project in multiple ways — as collaborator, then as consumer. Sandman writer Neil Gaiman and performer Amanda Palmer, both very Twitter-savvy, have made similar strides by auctioning off anything from Twitter follows and one-on-one phone calls to ukuleles and glass dildos. In 2009, Gaiman even invited fans to contribute tweets to what became a collaborative audiobook titled Hearts, Keys, and Puppetry.

Back to Smith — here are his latest requests. If you’re a graphic designer or composer and think you can fulfill it, tweet @ him as soon as possible!

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