Couple Recreates Romance Novel Covers

I know that when you remake a song it’s called a cover, but what about when you remake a book cover?

Alex Holder, Art Director at the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, commissioned her creative partner Oli Kellett to stage these recreations of Mills & Boon romance book jackets, starring Holder and her boyfriend Ross.

What I love about these self-portraits is the attention to detail (in both background and how they mimic the cover models), but also the playfulness with which they reenact these uber-romantic scenes. Holder snarkily sums up her motivation in the shots: Sometimes we sit for hours staring at a sea shell. Other times he’ll hold me by the neck in front of the pyramids. But there’s nothing we like more than nearly kissing each other near some horses. I always try to look hot in front of him so he doesn’t leave me.

Unfortunately, there are only three at present. Now that the beach, the woods, and the pyramids have gotten their action, let’s see Ross and Holder in more implausible locales!

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