Video: Is Jenna Rose the New Rebecca Black?

The good and bad thing about internet infamy is that it’s fleeting – one week you’re the laughingstock of the web, the next week they’ve moved on to someone else. “Friday” singer Rebecca Black has been this week’s whipping girl, but we already have a candidate for her replacement: Jenna Rose. The 12-year-old’s first single, “My Jeans,” attempts to make her the new Willow Smith, but we’re not buying it. The song lacks a good beat or production values, and Jenna has zero star quality. Also, considering this is a song about jeans, why does she spend the whole video wearing a skirt?

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    • Kait
    • sue

      i think jenna rose is adorable with charisma and star power…very disney..i also heard her other videos and she is quite talented with a great voice..too bad this was not a good choice

    • not a fan

      uggh…they both sound like Ke$ha. And look alike.

    • lunch

      JENNA ROSE ”MY JEANS” i feel its a great song, its one of the many great songs written and produced by a young 14 yr. boy by the name of BABYTRIGGY”, THE BOY RAPPING IN THE VIDEO ….who started he’s own label LUNCHBOXRECORDZ@ the tender age of 12 he is a very talented kid. ARK-FACTORY did not have any affiliation.

      • corissia

        So “Lunch” it’s great that you are so knowledgeable about this “Lunchboxrecordz”. I would have never suspected this “song” was written & produced by a 14 year old, I guess we were all pretty out of the loop here.

        I think the problem people have with the song is it’s blatant materialism and that you don’t hear her voice at all. Autotune seems cool, but it makes great singers and terrible ones all sound the same. Which causes everyone to assume the good singer are really bad ones using technology to hide behind.

    • Corissia

      I completely dismissed this when it was first posted and I feel I was right to, it’s awful. However, I stumbled across her youtube channel (SRVMOE), when she’s really singing and the song isn’t so vapid, she’s got potential. This is one little girl with some pipes. I recommend Oh Darling in which she’s 10, I also thought she did alright with At Last. She’s not ready yet, maybe a little vocal coaching to fine tune the bits she has trouble with, but she does seem to have actual talent. I’m pretty surprised at the crap they’re trying to break her through with, she can do better than gimmicks.