5 Reasons I Think Brad Womack and Emily Maynard Are Going to Break Up

On last night’s Bachelor finale and follow-up special After the Final Rose, Brad Womack and Emily Maynard admitted that their relationship had been rocky since the show ended. While I admire their honesty about the fact that relationships are complex and that there is more to them than shown on TV, I also don’t feel like the two of them are made to last. Here’s why:

1. Geography – Emily said she doesn’t want to move to Austin, and Brad doesn’t seem interested in leaving. Emily’s whole support system, and her daughter’s, is in Charlotte.

2. Body Language – During After the Final Rose, they were not facing each other and their body language didn’t read “couple” – it read “this is extremely awkward.”

3. The Ring – Although they claim they’re still engaged, Emily wasn’t sporting her engagement ring during the show. She claimed the ring was “being sized.” Call me a cynic, but I’m not buying it. They knew exactly when the special was being taped and could have planned around it.

4. Numbers – As I’ve said before, the odds are overwhelmingly against a couple from this show working out.

5. Revenge – What would be a sweeter full circle moment for the show than having Brad, who didn’t choose either finalist on his original season of The Bachelor, get dumped by the girl he finally proposed to?

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