Columbia College Chicago References ‘Glee,’ ‘Simpsons’ to Get Kids to Apply

Often you hear of schools that namedrop famous alumni in interviews or newsletters, in the hopes of attracting more applicants. However, Columbia College Chicago did two things differently: They made comparisons between their majors and popular TV shows and other pop culture happenings, and they did so over Twitter.

The first tweet I found randomly while searching for a Glee shooting schedule; the college had smartly included the show as a hash tag, and they had it promoted on the social networking site. But they’re not just going after the musical theater kids; a second tweet invites possibly older fans by referencing The Simpsons:

And as you can see from the third tweet, CCC is cashing in on the fact that one of its Assistant Journalism professors, Dan Sinker, was behind the hilarious @MayorEmanuel Twitter profile — so there’s the viral population. Other tweets publicize an interview the school’s Game Design professor had with The A.V. Club, and the fact that alum Chris Medina was (at the time of the tweet) in the running for this year’s American Idol.

It’s a very smart move for a school to embrace not only social media, but also have a proven knowledge of different populations within the pop culture world. (Especially when you have a competitor with the same name in New York City.) You know who we’re surprised they didn’t mention, though? The equally Twitter-savvy Kanye West, whose decision to drop out of CCC prompted the title of his first album.

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    • Bryn

      I went to Columbia! It’s an amazing and clever school.