The Daily Bieber: The 10 Most Insane Justin Bieber-Themed Bedrooms

There’s a fine line between decorating your room in homage to your favorite celeb and turning your living space into an out-and-out shrine to his every waking breath. And it seems Justin Bieber certainly inspires the latter interior decorating sensibilities in his fans. Check out our gallery of the most insane Bieber-themed rooms around.

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    • Corrinne

      Ha! These kids (and drug king pin) are amateurs! You should have seen my room when I was like, 12, with all the Backstreet Boys posters and paraphenlia. It was NUTS.

    • Kelsey

      COME ON i just started my room and i have more xD

    • Boo

      That’s not even that like insane or obsessive!!you should see MY room! <3