5 Possible Reasons Why Eric Clapton Is Doing His Own Laundry

The hottest craze in paparazzi photography is photos of Eric Clapton doing his laundry. Yesterday, Eric was spotted doing a wash at an L.A. laundromat, and earlier this month, TMZ captured video of the rock star mid-fold at what appears to be the very same spot. Seriously? Dude is worth over a hundred million dollars and he’s washing his own clothes? I mean, I don’t even do my own laundry and I’m worth like $95 bucks if I haven’t had to buy a Metrocard that day. (Drop-off laundry is my biggest indulgence. It isn’t even that expensive, you guys!) Also, most people can go more than ten days between washes, right? This is all very bizarre indeed. Here are some theories that might explain Eric’s wash ‘n fold habits:

1. He’s got some secret stains the likes of which no man or woman should ever have to see. Something something Cream. (Sorry, ew.)

2. He’s auditioning for the second season of Secret Millionaire. Except next time around it’ll be called Not-So-Secret Millionaire.

3. Touching detergent and soft, warm cotton has secret curative powers that give Eric’s hands the ability to play his guitar as well as he does. Shh, don’t tell John Mayer.

4. He does his best thinking while doing manual tasks. This one actually seems like a plausible reason. Moving right along…

5. That creepy bear from the Snuggle commercials made him do it. I mean, have you seen that thing? Exactly. And you and I haven’t done nearly as much acid as Eric Clapton.

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