Gallery: The 14 Best Photos of How to Celebrate Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! If you recall anything from ninth-grade algebra, it’s that 3.14 is the simplified form of pi, or π. On March 14, 1989, physicist Larry Shaw celebrated the first-ever Pi Day with staff and visitors at the San Francisco Exploratorium, by marching around a circular area and eating — you guessed it — pies. However, Shaw has some competition in the recent movement to change 3/14 to Tau Day. Their Tau Manifesto is a pretty impassioned read, but we like pie enough that we’re gonna let it slide.

(Funny π story: In high school, a kid I had never really talked to was telling our science class how you can appear smart by memorizing the first few numbers of π, then rattling off a bunch of phone numbers. As he demonstrated this trick, I heard his voice pick up the cadence of phone numbers… and then suddenly he said my home phone number, and continued on as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.)

Thanks to the Internet, Shaw’s holiday is celebrated every year, with food, crafts, tattoos, and more paying homage to this transcendental, irrational number. Here are 14 of our faves.

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    • Lucia Peters

      I’m definitely making a pie with pi when I get home tonight!