The Memes That Should Have Appeared in Jennifer Aniston’s “Sex Tape” Commercial

I’ll admit, there was a certain appeal to Jennifer Aniston‘s first print ads for Smart Water: She references her all-American appeal in suggestive (but not sleazy) poses, and looks like she’s having fun. By contrast, in her new video campaign, Aniston seems harried and unfunny, and the commercial itself is crammed with outdated memes. The Smart Water team should’ve stuck to simple, because that’s what’s more effective for selling, you know, water.

But if the video had to have memes or otherwise reference geekery, we’d suggest going with the following:

  • Numa Numa guy in place of the lipsynching kid. Technically this is an older meme, but it’s a classic. Plus, he’s got proven success with the Geico ads from 2009.
  • Another Internet star to tap? Isaiah Mustafa. Ladies need hydration while they’re ripping their men’s clothes off, don’t they?
  • Cosplay. Aniston’s “Internet Boys” aren’t fooling anyone. They wouldn’t be into the Friends star, they’d be salivating over girls dressed like superheroes.
  • Speaking of music… Rick Roll ‘em! Gives us less footage of Aniston trying to play the adult who doesn’t get what the crazy kids are up to these days.
  • Or go “I’m a Mac…” with some flavored water competitor. T-Mobile already stole the conceit.
  • Repeat after us, Jen: Tiger blood. Warlock. Winning. You wanted to make a viral campaign out of thin air? Charlie Sheen beat you to it.
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