Interview: Broadway Star and ‘Victorious’ Mean Girl Elizabeth Gillies Couldn’t Handle Bieber Fans

Do you shoot on the same set as other Nickelodeon shows?

We shoot on the same set as iCarly. They tear down [our sets] and bring iCarly back up. So we’re not in the same time. But we did the crossover, which was amazing and is in our second season, coming up.

Can you tell us a little bit about the crossover?

It’s called iParty with Victorious—and they do! iCarly parties with Victorious, and it’s wild and fun, and there’s a really cool guest star.

So does Carly come to Hollywood Arts, or are you guys on her web show?

I don’t know how much I can give away, but it’s a lot of fun.

What do you do for fun when you’re not shooting? Do you like to go out and sing karaoke, or are you tired of that after doing songs on the show?

The thing with me is, I could perform in front of the entire world, literally, in lawn chairs—I have no stage fright, as a character. When it comes to me singing on stage as myself, I do it and it’s great, but I do have more anxiety about being myself. There’s a vulnerability attached to it that I’m not as comfortable with. But I love being on stage; we were onstage for two seconds at [the Nickelodeon upfronts on March 10] and I didn’t want to leave. I haven’t been on a stage in so long! I’d love to go back to Broadway and do stuff like that, because it’s a huge passion of mine.

Is there a dream role on Broadway that you’d want to play?

I don’t know… It’s always fun to originate roles; I know that’s a big thing to ask for, but there are so many talented playwrights who come up with great things. But I mean, any classics—Wicked, or something like that. I’d love to play Natalie [in Next to Normal]—I’d actually love to be Diana, I’d love to be Alice [Ripley]. That’s my role, but I have to wait a little bit; ten years, with the aging makeup. Ari and I are obsessed with it; we can sing the whole score for you, top to bottom.

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