Celebrity Lookalikes: American Idol’s Scotty McCreery IS Alfred E. Newman

A big one to watch this season on Idol is Scotty McCreery, whose straight-up country stylings have been stealing the heart of America. Also? Dude totally looks like Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Newman! Like, it’s uncanny. Here’s Scotty performing Garth Brooks‘ “The River”:

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    • Lucia Peters

      Oh man. You are absolutely right!

    • Paige

      UGH!! Scotty is NOT ugly like that Alfred E. Newman!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cookie

      Hee… so I’m not the only one who noticed. :)

    • gina

      said it from DAY1!!! So glad I’m not the only one who thinks so!!!

    • Kenny P

      I was thinking same thing, so I checked the web. I’m not alone! LOL.

    • alison

      there is no way in this world that scott looks like alfred e. newman . scott is hotttt alfred is not.

    • mckilgo

      OMG! I was thinking the same thing & came online to google a pic of Alfred E. Newman & saw Scotty! Scotty is cute & he does favor Alfred E. Newman!!!!!!! So funny! I ♡ me some Scotty!!!!

    • MarketingGur

      and Scotty has a small hints of george bush mannerisms

    • Lusky Stank


    • LOL


    • Me

      I was thinking that exact thing….

    • peter

      no kidding
      my wife said this a long time ago
      he should be on the next cover of mad magazine
      better career than singing

    • peter

      and on another note
      if you watched the first couple of episodes he was a total creep
      to the other kid that was in the band but after shedding a couple of tears
      america loved him.
      manipulating little !@#%%^