Exclusive: Lauryn Hill Was Too Crazy for the Publishing Industry

Photo by: Johnny Louis/wenn

Lauryn Hill‘s album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill cleaned up on Grammy night 1999, but since then she has practically vanished from public view. Though she did a successful episode of MTV’s Unplugged, the accompanying double album was a critical miss and didn’t sell well. Rumors have swirled recently that Hill is difficult to work with, but a source tells Crushable that a potential Hill book project fizzled out several years ago when the star was deemed more trouble than she was worth.

Several years ago, a high-powered New York literary agency was working with Hill on a possible book project. Though the agency wanted Hill to write a memoir chronicling her early career and rise to fame and offered to pair her with a professional co-writer, Hill insisted on working alone. Also, she had her own idea for a book – an addendum to the Bible concerning dealing with The Children of God (members of a group Hill believed she was part of), the text of which had appeared to Hill in a dream. The assistant who was assigned to contacting the star was ordered to refer to the star only as “Ms. Hill,” and was informed that Hill would hang up immediately if not addressed properly. It appears that the rule still holds, as a concert by “Ms. Lauryn Hill” was advertised at New York’s Bowery Ballroom venue earlier this year.

Although the agency working with Hill had worked on many celebrity books and were used to dealing with stars’ requests and schedules, they ultimately decided to discontinue work on the project. Whether it was because of Hill’s demands or because of the difficulty of selling her book was not clear. It’s a shame, because that would have been one of the most fun Crushable Books ever.

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