Art Crush: The Best Old Spice Guy Fan Art

The Old Spice Guy may be single but he certainly has plenty of fans. Are you surprised he’s inspired a gallery’s worth of art? We are and we aren’t, you know? Check out this Isaiah Mustafa/Old Spice-themed fan art, which is awesome even if we don’t understand half of it.

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    • Meghan Keane

      Oh my gosh. I love the idea of a needy cartoon female following Mustafa around wherever he goes. It could be this decades Cathy cartoon. Except I hate Cathy. Oops.

    • Angel

      this looks cool i could copy this !

    • Dâmaris

      The Old Spice Guy himself answered this post on his YouTube channel! (I’m gonna try to put the link here:

      • Meghan Keane

        Thanks Damaris,
        We have a follow up here. If you have any new fan art, send it our way: submissions(at)crushable(dot)com.