‘The Chronicles of Rick Roll’: Elaborate Internet Prank or Legitimate Movie?

The full-length trailer for NURV’s feature film The Chronicles of Rick Roll was released today, and hoo boy is it intense… and fake? My meme-loving heart wants to believe that this endeavor is legitimate, that these Internet celebrities have banded together for more than a four-minute joke. See for yourself:

I’ll hand it to NURV, the references in this trailer extend to many areas of the geek experience. We’ve got allusions to Alice in Wonderland; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; The Blair Witch Project; and The Lord of the Rings. Not to mention that the final battle looks like something straight out of a LARP weekend.

Wading through this land is Rick Rolland, who has traveled to “Middle Internet” to save Alison, a girl he met on a dating site who was sucked in to this alternate dimension. In order to find her, he’ll have to unite these figures of meme lore:

  • Antoine Dodson
  • Bear Vasquez/Double Rainbow
  • Freakout Kid
  • Leeroy Jenkins
  • Boom Goes the Dynamite
  • Gary Brolsma/”Numa Numa” (my perennial favorite)

Executive producer Andrew Fischer hopes that the new footage will inspire financial backers to provide the needed funds to complete the movie. Hence the skepticism that this is an actual project and not a scam. But if you’re a believer, follow along at the official site and get ready for the LOLs.

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