• Tue, Mar 8 2011

James Bond Gets the ‘Hangover’ of His Life in This Great Mash-Up

I love me a good mash-up, and this one from YouTube user 2SunsNoWomen shows skill (and a sense of humor) beyond that of your average vidder. He combines the red-band trailer (so watch our for swearing, kids) for The Hangover with the 2006 James Bond caper Casino Royale, to make a harrowing and utterly bizarre mission the likes that Daniel Craig has never encountered.

In the faux-trailer, Bond finds himself fighting for his life in insane parkour chase sequences and at the poker table, against Zach Galifianakis‘ idiot-savant cardshark Alan. 2SunsNoWomen nicely contrasts the craziness of The Hangover with the severity of Bond’s mission. But you know what this is missing? Mr. Chow!

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