Is Maci Bookout Writing a Memoir About Being a Teen Mom?

Yesterday in our article about Teen Moms getting makeovers, we pointed out one of Maci Bookout‘s new tats, which looks like a torn-out sheet of notebook paper. One of her other new tattoos is on her shoulder and spells out “Bulletproof.” That was reportedly the title of a book that Maci was writing about her experiences as a teen mom; however, the project seems not to have materialized.

In 2009, before Teen Mom‘s first season aired, Maci’s hometown newspaper wrote a profile of her. In the article, they mentioned her initial 16 and Pregnant appearance and said that she was working on a book:

Along with speaking to high schoolers, Ms. Bookout said she has plans to write a book about teenage motherhood called “Bullet Proof.” She said MTV is working to help her find a publisher.

However, Amazon has no record of anything by Maci Bookout. What could have happened?

  • The book was just an idea, and Maci wasn’t working on it seriously (see also: her college career). She talked up the book and the newspaper reporter made it sound more serious than it was. Lots of people are working on novels or writing books, but that doesn’t mean that a) the project ever gets finished, or b) anyone publishes it. It’s possible that when the show took off Maci found herself too busy to write.
  • Maci wrote the book, but MTV didn’t hold up their end of the bargain to help her find a publisher. I find this one unlikely since MTV has shown a massive interest in capitalizing off the fame of Teen Mom‘s young stars and would have no reason to hold back a book. Even if they didn’t think the book was any good, they could just hire a ghostwriter or co-author to polish it before publishing. MTV even has their own publishing arm, so they could take care of everything in-house.
  • The book is being held back for legal reasons. If Maci said something about her ex Ryan in the book and he took her to court, he could get the book’s sale or publication blocked. However, if this had happened, odds are good we would have heard about it by now. It’s not like any other legal battles regarding the Teen Moms have escaped press scrutiny. (Hi, Amber!)
  • No one wanted to publish the book. I find this one unlikely as well. For one thing, as I mentioned before, MTV has a publishing arm. Also, there’s no shortage of “celebrity” memoirs out there – almost every Real Housewives of New York cast member has a book, and reality stars are a big draw for publishers since they already get a lot of publicity.
  • Maci realized she could make more money from selling interviews than from selling a book. Many authors have to agree to keep a low profile while working on a book and not do any press until the book comes out. Depending how long the publishing process takes (a year is typical, but celebrity books often have a quicker turnaround), Maci might not be able to do press for another season of Teen Mom, which could put her in breach of contract with MTV. If Maci is being paid for any of her interviews, she might think it’s smarter to keep making money that way rather than hold out for a lump sum book payment.

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