‘Teen Mom’ Makeovers: New Breasts, New Tattoos, New Teeth

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    • Corissia

      You know the girls get a bad rap for getting boob jobs, but I get it. I got pregnant at 18 myself and your boobs go through a time after your kids are born where they look destroyed. I really thought about it a lot myself, but I don’t have large sums of money. Luckily after a while they go back to looking like boobs instead of skin flaps again. There’s also the age old comparing issue. Teen moms know they don’t look like other girls their age naked anymore, stretchmarks, sagging skin, weakened abdominal muscles and boobs that look like they’ve been through hell. These girls like any other woman still want to be attractive and if their relationship status is iffy, they’re going to feel more pressure. Unfortunately it makes you feel pretty insecure. Thoughts like “What guy is going to like me when I’m wrecked?” or “He likes me now, but he’s not going to think I’m pretty once he gets a look at my without clothes”. I mean it’s not like guys their age are really looking for relationships to begin with, now the odds against them are higher because they have a kid and tight skin anymore. Teen moms aren’t comfortable in their bodies, because they haven’t had time to learn that a guy that loves you will love you regardless. So a boob job feels like a way to pull yourself towards being less gross. One day they’ll get there but it takes a while to accept yourself.
      I got lucky though, my teenage boyfriend really did love me and didn’t care what changes having our daughter did to me. We’re still together 9 years later.

      • Soshiloveable

        at 18,u would want to do things that you would want to do before u settle down..

      • Randummmm

        That actually so sweet hun. :)

    • Veronica

      so nice that we reward a sad and life-changing mistake with fame and money, enabling these girls to go on to set bad examples for other girls. These shows are horrible.

      …and dear God, so is that baby-head tattoo!

      • Sickobaby

        Well, people on tv need to be paid. It’s not so much of a reward as it is compensation because you absolutely cannot feature someone on tv without paying them. Also, I’ve actually read that since airing TM, teen pregnancy stats have actually GONE DOWN. Not sure how much, I only know that the statistics show a decline in percentage, and let’s face it, ANY decline, no matter how small, is better than incline or staying the same.

        I think teens get to see that having a baby isn’t a game and they aren’t cute little accessories, as some might get the impression due to our country’s obsession with celebrity “baby bumps” and their ever growing families. It’s good counter-production to show the negative effects and what new mothers really go through as supposed to the fun and games they see in the tabloids. They get to see the reality of young motherhood, these teens having to grow up quick, receiving little support, if any, from family or the father’s family, and all of the downsides to having a child so young.

        The father of the baby starts to fade away, wanting to go out with his friends more than help with diaper changes, social life goes down the drain, as does the love life (if single), sleep is non-exsistant, along with any personal time, babysitters are hard to find.. and if they think they can just dump the kid off on grandma and grandpa they’ve got another thing coming, school is hard to maintain, and getting a job with no experience or degree is even harder. Supporting a child is no joke, and I, for one, think it’s not a bad idea showing young girls the harsh reality and consequences of being sexually active too young. Telling them this over and over again appears to do less than seeing the consequences and real life effects pregnancy has on people their age, girls just like them. It seems to wake them up a bit. They can picture themselves in these situations, their own families and boyfriend doing the same thing to them, and they don’t like it, lol.

        I don’t condone teen pregnancy, but maybe if we showed kids just how unglamorous having a child so young is, them maybe we’d have less of them. And maybe it wouldn’t be so hard to talk about, either, then. Nothing takes the place of “the talk”, but seeing all the specific and personal stories of these girls can teach them more about the negatives involved more than we could ever try to explain, because seeing is believing. Maybe they would be more incline to talk about these things, too. As opposed to hiding things and not knowing how to bring topics up. They can say they saw it on Teen Mom. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong.. It’s just a suggestion that seems to make sense to me. The more we hide and deem subjects taboo, the less kids want to talk about it and then bam, they are pregnant. This might normalize it (not condone it, but show them it DOES happen, and if it does, it’s ok its not the end of the world, but it’s not great either) and help give them the confidence they need to ask the questions they want answers to. Just a thought.

    • mae joners

      Men suck don’t they?

    • theybewhores

      Those teen moms, they be whores. People like to see whores on tv.

      • you be whore

        you be the whore hunny! :) Just saying you should look around.

    • Em

      It’s pretty asinine that you guys say it makes other girls want to be like them, when in fact, teen pregnancy has dropped significantly since 2009.16 & Pregnant first aired in 09… get your facts straight.

    • jess

      I’m really shocked that everyone is criticising their every move. Because they’ve had children at a young age does not make them “slutty.” In reality every,well most, teenagers have sex. They didn’t ask to get pregnant. I think if they don’t like the way they look they have the right, just like any body else to get cosmetic surgery. Why not? Maci has done nothing but good things for her son and its very disrespectful to call her selfish in anyway.

      • http://twitter.com/bomyuri_ Shegotthatsomething

        From an asian POV,they are sluts and not every teen is that needy for sex like them. why would I screw around when I don’t have money to even take care of myself?

    • Kara martinez

      Hi I got pregnant at 18 a senior in high school. I graduated in 2009 and had my daughter September 2009. I don’t think the show is a bad influence there trying to prevent it. I make sure I’ll teach my daughter because my parents dint. So if teens watch this they will make better choices. I wish I waited till I graduate college but my daughter is my greates gift and im still with my daughters father. And the girls are good moms besides amber!!! She makes other teen mom look irrasponisable!!!

      • Soshiloveable

        u could not wait til you were ready to take care of a baby? education should be put in front of all priorities,baby and marriage wait later but does your school ever give u girls sex ed classes? it helps :)

      • Sickobaby

        Education certainly needs to be front and center, but by the looks of that comment, clearly it wasn’t.. LOL Stay in school, ladies,

      • http://twitter.com/bomyuri_ Shegotthatsomething

        Half of these pregnant teens are lucky they are not in a asian family…get pregnant and your parents will give you 2 choices:either give it up / abortion or be thrown out of the house

    • victoria

      Farrahs underbite is making me sick when i see her on tv it makes me want to throw up!! didnt she ever hear about braces? she has money for new boobs but not braces? same with Derek Sophias dad he had a monster of an underbite so Sophia is basically fucked.

      • Sickobaby

        If you actually looked at the slideshow, you’d see Farrah actually DID get braces, dumb-ass..