Dr. Drew Headlining Vh1 Special About Charlie Sheen, Probably Trying to Get Him on ‘Celebrity Rehab’

Dr. Drew Pinsky has never met a media outlet he didn’t like. He never misses a chance to go on TV pontificating about the real or hypothetical addictions of celebrities. He has weighed in on everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Angelina Jolie, so the only question about his upcoming special Vh1 News Presents: Charlie Sheen: Winning … Or Losing It? should be “How did it take this long?” (Okay, maybe one more question, which is “Why does anyone ever think double colons are a good idea?)

The one-hour special about all things Charlie Sheen will air this Monday night at 8 PM central. Among the things I predict will happen in it:

  • Dr. Drew will diagnose Charlie Sheen, despite never having met him
  • Dr. Drew will try to get Charlie to go on Celebrity Rehab
  • Assorted Vh1 talking heads will show up for “comic relief” (Paul F. Tompkins… please?)
  • I will make a drinking game that involves chugging every time someone uses the word “Twitter”
  • … or claims to be just doing this out of concern for Charlie/his kids
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