Did Bristol Palin and Maci Bookout Have a Falling Out?

Teen mom Bristol Palin and Teen Mom Maci Bookout became friends while doing speaking gigs for the Candie’s Foundation (which aims to prevent teen pregnancy). However, sources tell Crushable that the once-thriving friendship has soured now that Bristol is a bigger star. After Bristol’s turn on Dancing with the Stars, she reportedly became less and less interested in arranging play dates for her son Tripp and Maci’s son Bentley. Distance was also a factor: Maci’s based in Tennessee, while Bristol goes back and forth between her native Alaska and Arizona, where she recently purchased a home.

As recently as last November, the pair remained close, with Maci telling Us Weekly “We definitely keep in touch and make sure everything is going good with each other.” But after Bristol signed a large contract for her memoir and started getting more high-profile press bookings, she stopped replying to Maci’s emails. Is this simply a case of friends gradually losing touch over time, or did Bristol flat-out drop Maci?

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    • Sheila

      Dont know BUT I can say that Maci should be a WAY bigger star anyways,…..I mean who the hell was that other girl…Never seen her befor and on top of that even with all the make up and glam she dont look good AT ALL!!!!!

    • Jennie

      Bristol Palin is former presidential canidate Sarah Palins daughter

      Get your tubes tied, idiot.

      • justina

        Bristol Palin is daughter of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

        Take your own advice.

      • Pei-Chen Wang

        Bristol Palin is a joke

    • Allie

      Really, just because her mother was a canidate that was not elected and because she became famous also as a result, I cannot imagine why she would be a ‘Star’ or ultimately be on DWTS, it’s kinda funny when you think about it really. It’s sad that she would do her friend that way, I guess it’s the little people you step on when you climb that ladder kinda thing, but no one really is a fan so whose going to be there when she falls off that ladder? My money is on NOT MACI!