‘Bachelor’ Spoiler: Who Does Brad Give the Final Rose?

Blogger Reality Steve (aka Steve Carbone) has been writing about The Bachelor for the last few seasons, and he often spoils the show weeks in advance. This year, though, he has some particularly juicy gossip to share. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Although Steve has been naming Chantal O’Brien (pictured at right; she’s the girl who slapped Bachelor Brad Womack in the very first episode of the season) as the winner since before the season started, he’s now retracting his statement and claiming that the real winner is Emily Maynard (pictured at left). Emily has been one of this season’s breakout stars because of her sad backstory – she was engaged to NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick, who died tragically in a plane crash while Emily was pregnant with their child. Now a single mom, Emily has been one of the fan favorites this year, and there was a lot of controversy when The Bachelor chose to send Brad on a group date with several women (including Emily) to a NASCAR track. There had been a lot of rumors that Emily would become the next Bachelorette, since the show loves to recycle cast members, but in the last few weeks those rumors were shot down, reportedly because Emily had a new man in her life. According to Reality Steve, that man is none other than Brad Womack himself.

Is Reality Steve right this time? Or is someone in production stringing him along? At this point, Steve is pretty well-known for getting scoops on the show (most famously, he revealed the whole “Jason Mesnick chooses Melissa Rycroft, then changes his mind and picks Molly Malaney instead” drama), so it would be really smart of ABC to cut him off at the pass by feeding him bad information. Now that the show is down to just Emily and Chantal, we’ll find out soon enough.

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    • denise

      aSince Emily is so whiny and overprotective of her daughter I think Brad will have a long road to hoe with her. Chantel would be much more fun for him and they seem to have more in common.

    • Dene

      Emily is so demure & very sweet. However, she is very guarded and extremely protective of her daughter. Emily will not leave Chralotte, NC. If she does, it will be in her interests to better herself and not with the Bachelor. And..where is Emily’s family? They should have been there for respect & love of Emily and Ricki. What is the reason for them not being introduced on “family night”? This was never explained to the viewing audience. Emily is all to weird to me.

      Brad & Chantel are the perfect, compitable match. Good family vibes.

      what is the reason they were not introduced on the “family night”? Do they not support Emily? Seems stange to me.
      I hope Brad chooses Chantel. They seemto be a perfect match. Very coompatible.